December Squeeze

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Notice in a Vet’s waiting room; Back in 10 minutes. Stay! Sit! Sign on a Maternity Room door: PUSH PUSH PUSH. David’s down- loadings from the Internet have always been a popular part of the Free Church Sundays at the Village Hall, and now they are included in the Squeeze Breakfast Club.

There was an exciting buzz about the first club meeting in early December. It was good to see families working together. A couple of Dads and a handful of Mums joined their children in painting on small glass pots, making Christmas cards and gift tags, and making sweets. Next month’s handicrafts are not yet decided.

A Continental breakfast is served from 10 00am. until 11.30.; fresh fruit, cereals, bread rolls and croissants, as well as fruit juices, tea and coffee.

Most of the older folk were content to sit and chat at small tables, or to read the newspapers provided. This made it easy to join in the carol singing, and to listen to David and Jim.

They worked perfectly when you put them away last year; now they don’t work at all. Yes it’s those Christmas Lights, the title of Jim’s topical talk. Whether it’s a broken wire, a loose bulb, a blown fuse, it all adds up to one thing – the power is not getting through If God’s power is not getting through to your life, give yourself the best Christmas gift this year, he urged. Say ‘Hello’ to Christ the Baby and Christ the Man.

The next Breakfast Club is on 4th January 2009, from 10am-12 noon. Everyone welcome.

Article written by Colin Porter