January Squeeze

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It was frosty outside the Village Hall, but inside the big surprise was snow painting, using white paint on a black ground. Its appeal was obvious as an elderly gentleman sat next to a toddler, both of them enjoying the striking effect so easily produced. On another table at the January Squeeze Breakfast Club sat the calendar makers. How simple to hang a calendar block under a snow painting.

David’s haul from the internet told the story of the motorist convicted three times for driving without insurance. So he forged a certificate on his computer. Next time he was pulled over he produced the forgery, with an expiry date of 31st February!

Even non-pop lovers could not escape the Christmas double chart-topping Leonard Cohen song ‘Hallelujah’ which tells of a secret chord that pleased the Lord. Pastor Jim of the Free Church took this thought for his topical talk.. How can we please the Lord in 2009?. By drawing a line under anything in our life which may displease Him, he suggested.
We should test the things which we consider to be important with three questions: Does it help my Christian life? Will it allow me to be free? Will it build up the lives of others?

It is easy to remember the dates for the next two Squeeze meetings as they both fall on the first of the month. Sunday 1st February crafts have a Valentine theme, and breakfast is served from 10am.

Article written by Colin Porter