New Year 2012 – making a Fresh Start in Life

The Lord’s unfailing love and mercy still continue, fresh as the morning, as sure as the sunrise. (Lamentations ch.3, verses 23,24, Good News Version).

What is it about the New Year? Well, you can expect the unexpected! Every year it happens; Our plans, our ways, our holidays, our thoughts – all can be delayed by fresh, unexpected events. Some will be good and some not so good. The Joy and the Sadness awaits. So, how can we cope?

Well, the unexpected can be good: for example, a goalkeeper in a recent football match kicked the ball away from his goal and a high wind carried it the length of the pitch where it bounced over the other Keeper and into the net. Goal scored! Great jubilations and celebrations! By comparison, the defender who back-kicked the ball into his own goal was less pleased – and less celebrated!

So how to cope? Our text says that in all circumstances, God’s faithfulness – His Mercies, begin afresh each day.” A fresh year=fresh mercies, or blessings it you like, afresh each day. Even including the extra day that is added as this is a leapyear. The saying “Look before you leap” is appropriate. Look to God this Leap Year – do not miss his mercies, his blessing for you. Don’t look away and score an own goal! Let the wind of the Spirit breathe into you the fullness of God’s faithfulness to you and for you.

Great is his faithfulness. Yes. Is God your Father? The Father who pours out his blessing on those who know him, afresh each day.. May you enjoy a happy and Blessed Year.