There’s More to Life Than Clothes, Food and Drink

Have you noticed how often talks are based on three points? Three power points; the three-point sermon. The theme of three comes up in songs such as “Trains and Boats and Planes.” Also for ladies at Weddings – Handbag, Hat and Shoes – Sorry! handbag, Fascinator and shoes. And food: take the simple sandwich, the most popular one is the BLT, Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato.

Now, having bought all that, you need a coffee – Cappucino, Latte or Espresso? Now is that all there is to life? Outwardly dressed, inwardly fed and thirst quenched?

We are made up of three parts: Mind, body and spirit. What of the inner part? The Spirit so often does not get fed. Many are on a starvation diet. The thirst of the inner man or woman is not quenched. There is an empty ‘hole’ and the whole of us is not whole or complete. The spiritual wine of the Kingdom is on offer – but not taken and drunk. The Biblical food is taken in scraps and not as a ‘whole’ feast.

Is that all there is to life we ask at the end of our lives? The body and mind die, the spirit lives on. That important third of us continues. Where you ask? In one of two places – one with God and one without God. One with another ‘three,’ Father, Son and Holy Spirit – with you as one. The other place? Darkness – because you neglected the third of the three points – spirit. It is so important to know and find that there is more to life than Clothes, Food and Drink. Can you feel your spirit leap at that thought?