Take a Look at the Rising and Setting Sun

A word which God gave to Josie Luck to share with us:

Take a look at the rising and setting sun
In them you see My Greatness, My Majesty and My Power
Take a look at the little flower of the field
It reflects My love, My compassion and My humility
I AM all of these things my children
to those who seek me with a pure heart in whatever circumstance of life you may be in
I AM Kind, Compassionate and Full of Love
To the weary I give rest
To the sorrowful I give hope
To those who are bowed down, under the weight of all the world can throw at them I say “take the wings of the morning and rise up as eagles.”
I AM your burden bearer
I AM your shield in your right hand
I AM your light in the darkness
I AM your rock
Take my yoke upon you, stand firm on me and you will know my greatness, my majesty, and my power.
Guiding, directing and upholding you though the dark times and the light times, throughout your life
Take a look at the rising and setting sun