Jesus – Man and Child

As we approach the Christmas season, the season of Christ’s birth, it can be difficult to see Jesus through the tinsel and turkey, shopping, eating, and sleeping. We know from the Bible that three wise men came to His place of birth, and from that we get to the three presents of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. So perhaps to make Jesus more visible – more real – may we consider Jesus coming to stay as a grown-up this Christmas? So what present should we get for the adult Jesus? It’s often difficult to choose the right present, but for Jesus? He’s coming to stay with you from his village as the village carpenter, so you may consider a new carpentry tool. A new saw, new chisels, a pole lathe to fashion and finish wood. We would have to be careful in our choice, as we know he required nothing for himself, so what you give he will probably give away. Give away to the poor, the homeless, the disadvantaged. The poor man of Galilee giving richly.

In one Bible story it is recounted that Jesus knelt and wrote with his finger in the dust and soil on the ground. What he wrote we do not know. Let us kneel with Jesus this Christmas as he writes his Christmas list in the earth. It’s a short list that he writes in Aramaic. You. He wants the heart of you this Christmas. Did you leave yourself off Jesus’ Christmas list this year? He knows you and can see you clearly. Can you make room for him on your list? He’s waiting for his present of yourself – not just at Christmas but every day.

A happy Christmas and a great New Year to you all.

Squeeze Sunday 1st December
This Sunday we celebrated our 6th Christmas Squeeze. Festive foods and a warm and spicy drink were added to the usual festive fare. The Christmas crafts were related to our text “Glory to God in the heavenly heights, peace to all men and women on Earth.” Luke 2:14. There were baubles to decorate for selling at the Christmas market, with the proceeds going to Matthew 25. The HFC are going to match the takings so that they will have a generous amount to give. The other crafts on offer were pebble painting, Christmas card making, and icing angel biscuits. There were also jars that could be painted so that they would give out a coloured glow if a tealight was put inside them.