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Have you seen the colourful Stargazer Lilies in people’s gardens? With the fine weather, they are tall, multi-bloomed flowers that sway in the breeze. The lily does not struggle, it does not have a worried look, it is there to grow and be beautiful.

Jesus, in the warmth of the Holy Land noticed them. So one day, on a Mount, He said “Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow, they toil not neither do they spin.” (Matthew 6v28). He tries to show us in His flower picture how to be free. Free of what? – our cares, anxieties about how we look and how we dress. Rather we should be dressed, or covered, in His peace and rest in His light. Then your face will reflect His beauty.

Graham Kendrick, the songwriter, wrote of Jesus ‘Having hands that flung stars in space’. How was that possible? Because Jesus was there at Creation. The lilies in our gardens at night can gaze at the stars. The Stargazer Lily blooms can glisten in the starlight and reflect the moonlight. Jesus says of this simple lily that even Solomon in all his glory was not adorned like one of them.

So, today do not strive to be a follower of fashion, rest with Jesus and gaze at the maker of heaven and earth. You may not be the only Stargazer in your garden – “Consider the lilies of the field…”

Pastor Jim Beveridge



September Squeeze had a theme of giving our worries to God because He cares for us. There was opportunity to make origami lilies and fan water lilies in keeping with Jim’s talk. Also, flowers that when placed on water opened up their petals to symbolise us opening up and giving our worries to God. Everyone got involved with the ‘hunt the cuddly toys, draw them and rearrange words to find a text’, sounds complicated but was great fun so expect to see another version soon.



The next Squeeze will be on Sunday 6th October from 10.00am at the village hall and all are warmly invited to this free of charge event. The theme will be “His banner over me is love”, do join us if you can.

Joint Ventures

It is good to join with others and do things together. Here at Herstmonceux Free Church we enjoy getting together with the Parish Churches of Herstmonceux and Wartling. When there is a fifth Sunday in the month, we join for a united service. Our last such meeting was at the end of June at the Free Church when we all enjoyed a barbeque provided and expertly cooked by Raymond James. About 30 of us feasted enthusiastically on farm shop sausages and burgers before others joined us for the united service.

Pastor Jim Beveridge gave us ‘food for thought’ as he pointed out different aspects of feasting in the bible. Proverbs tells us that a happy heart has a continual feast (Prov. 15v15), but also that a dry crust with peace and quiet is better than a house full of feasting with strife (Prov.17v1). Jesus is able to take our strife and problems and give us peace as we feast. He is able to refresh our dryness. On one occasion, following his death and resurrection, Jesus prepared a barbeque of fish and bread for his disciples, where not only was there a feast but also restoration for Peter (see John chapter 21).

Jim finished by inviting us to place our order from Jesus’ menu.


Another opportunity to get together has been the holiday club this week. Children and adults alike have greatly enjoyed Clyde the camel guiding us through the life of Moses from baby to the parting of the Red Sea. Over the three days, Clyde has discovered that God is both a God of Love and a God of Power and is to be relied upon. We have all had great fun playing games, making things and discovering new treasures each day in our treasure boxes. Thanks to all the children and leaders for making holiday club such fun!


This month Squeeze falls on Sunday 1st September, so why not start the month having breakfast with us at the village hall from 10 am onwards. Our theme is based on the verse in 1 Peter 5v7 “Give all your worries and cares to God, for He cares about what happens to you”. Come and have a relaxed morning joining in with crafts or chatting with friends as you choose. We look forward to welcoming you.


Finally, I would like to highlight the next Alpha course at Scolfes’ Restaurant, Boreham Street, which begins on Wednesday 25th September at 7 pm. If you have questions or curiosity about Jesus and the Christian faith come along and enjoy a light meal and discussion in welcoming surroundings. Thanks to Jim and Kitty Bond for once again making this venue available and providing the hospitality. Any enquiries please contact Richard Steven or me Sylvia Catt.

Wedding of Patrick and Bel

“We`re going to the Chapel and we`re going to get Married” says the song and so it was for Patrick and Bel  on Sunday the 25th of August at Herstmonceux Free Church.

The Chapel was decorated with beautiful flowers and the well attended service ensured it was “the brides day”. Everyone had a lovely time and comments included  “The Chapel was absolutely charming”-

“You made it so personal”.-“Its the first Wedding I have to in the Free Church and I hope there will be many more”-

We wish you and the delightful little Chapel all the best.”

The bride and grooms music choice was by live music and Cds with a lively relevant talk by Pastor Jim Beveridge who conducted the service.

After refreshments in the Chapel Lounge the Bride and Groom enjoyed a reception in the village and are off on honeymoon.

Future Brides are invited to enquire via this website for your “Special Day”

patrick bel wedding aug 13 004 patrick bel wedding aug 13 018patrick bel wedding aug 13 016


Summer Events

There will be no Squeeze meeting in August due to the Summer holidays, Squeeze will resume on Sunday the 1st of September. Instead of Squeeze there will be a family service at the chapel at 10:45am, an informal all age meeting followed by coffee and fellowship.

2013_07_31_14_10_39This years holiday group will be from the 13th until the 15th of August at Herstmonceux Parish Church. It’s open to all children of primary school age. Details above.


Squeeze Invitation

july squeeze poster

You are warmly invited to Squeeze Breakfast club on Sunday the 7th of July, come along to Herstmonceux Village Hall from 10am for breakfast, crafts and chat. Why not bring a friend?