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Running For The Finish Line

The Olympic Games are upon us; how different if they were The Christian Games. As the five-ring logo has hung beneath Tower Bridge, should we adopt the logo of the ‘Ichthus’ fish, but three of them, representing the Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit?
We would go into strict training as everyone competing does. We would “head for the target” as the Bible instructs in 1 Cor.9 v25. But the results may be different. The Church 100 metres would be won by the equivalent of Usain Bolt, but Jesus says, “The first shall be last and the last shall be first.” As so much with Jesus, the “expected” becomes the “unexpected.”
All those buildings provided for the events will eventually crumble to rust and ashes. There will be no everlasting legacy. But The Christian Games result in a prize in an everlasting kingdom that sustains for ever. A legacy beyond a Gold Medal.
All this is not a game, it is serious, life-changing stuff ! Have you started training yet? You do not have to worry about the result – Jesus already has the Victory. Just join Him in it. Even if you come last, you will be awarded First Place in The Christian Games with no closing ceremony. Pastor Jim Beveridge

Throwing beanbags into a bin (shot-putting), paper–plate discus, a one-minute walk, unravelling jumbled sports such as “simingmw, sngilai and nnetsi,” and wreaths for winners made from real leaves – that was the Squeeze Olympics !

The move put our table just inside the Main Hall. We had two games for children to play: lollipops with the stick hidden at five pence a go gave a 5p lollie to every player, and a bit extra if your stick had a silver or coloured tag. The other was for suckers – transferring peas from one cup to another by sucking on a straw. We also gave copies of the New Testament and ‘My Book of Hope,’ an introduction to the Bible, on request. It was good to see several of our Youth Club members; many past pupils have a strong affection for the school. Sylvia Catt

There’s More to Life Than Clothes, Food and Drink

Have you noticed how often talks are based on three points? Three power points; the three-point sermon. The theme of three comes up in songs such as “Trains and Boats and Planes.” Also for ladies at Weddings – Handbag, Hat and Shoes – Sorry! handbag, Fascinator and shoes. And food: take the simple sandwich, the most popular one is the BLT, Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato.

Now, having bought all that, you need a coffee – Cappucino, Latte or Espresso? Now is that all there is to life? Outwardly dressed, inwardly fed and thirst quenched?

We are made up of three parts: Mind, body and spirit. What of the inner part? The Spirit so often does not get fed. Many are on a starvation diet. The thirst of the inner man or woman is not quenched. There is an empty ‘hole’ and the whole of us is not whole or complete. The spiritual wine of the Kingdom is on offer – but not taken and drunk. The Biblical food is taken in scraps and not as a ‘whole’ feast.

Is that all there is to life we ask at the end of our lives? The body and mind die, the spirit lives on. That important third of us continues. Where you ask? In one of two places – one with God and one without God. One with another ‘three,’ Father, Son and Holy Spirit – with you as one. The other place? Darkness – because you neglected the third of the three points – spirit. It is so important to know and find that there is more to life than Clothes, Food and Drink. Can you feel your spirit leap at that thought?

New Year 2012 – making a Fresh Start in Life

The Lord’s unfailing love and mercy still continue, fresh as the morning, as sure as the sunrise. (Lamentations ch.3, verses 23,24, Good News Version).

What is it about the New Year? Well, you can expect the unexpected! Every year it happens; Our plans, our ways, our holidays, our thoughts – all can be delayed by fresh, unexpected events. Some will be good and some not so good. The Joy and the Sadness awaits. So, how can we cope?

Well, the unexpected can be good: for example, a goalkeeper in a recent football match kicked the ball away from his goal and a high wind carried it the length of the pitch where it bounced over the other Keeper and into the net. Goal scored! Great jubilations and celebrations! By comparison, the defender who back-kicked the ball into his own goal was less pleased – and less celebrated!

So how to cope? Our text says that in all circumstances, God’s faithfulness – His Mercies, begin afresh each day.” A fresh year=fresh mercies, or blessings it you like, afresh each day. Even including the extra day that is added as this is a leapyear. The saying “Look before you leap” is appropriate. Look to God this Leap Year – do not miss his mercies, his blessing for you. Don’t look away and score an own goal! Let the wind of the Spirit breathe into you the fullness of God’s faithfulness to you and for you.

Great is his faithfulness. Yes. Is God your Father? The Father who pours out his blessing on those who know him, afresh each day.. May you enjoy a happy and Blessed Year.

Christmas 2011

7pm Sat 3rd Dec – Sussex Harmony in Concert
10am Sun 4th Dec – Squeeze Breakfast Club at the Village Hall
11am Sun 25th Dec – Christmas Day Celebration
10am Sun 8th Jan – New Year Squeeze Breakfast Club at the Village Hall

200 Years of Praise

We have published a book to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Herstmonceux Free Church, “200 Years of Praise” which contains history of the chapel including lists of baptisms, marriages and funerals as well as a list of pastors and much more information.

If you would like to purchase a copy of the book, the cost is £5 plus £2 for postage and packaging. Please contact us if you would like a copy.