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Squeeze Advert (February)

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It’s all change at the Village Hall on the first Sunday morning of each month. After about 100 “Sunday Supplements” spanning the almost nine years that the Hall has been open, the Free Church has broadened the programme to appeal to all ages. From the first Sunday in December 2008, the entire family – parents, children, grandparents and those with no family, are invited to

“Squeeze new life into Sunday.”

Starting at 10 am. with breakfast (of course), the SQUEEZE Breakfast Club will include several crafts. Grandad can show the kids how steady his hand is at painting on glass,(December) and Dad can show them how he used to make his own Valentine card. (February). Or maybe the children will be making sweets, while Mum reads the Sunday papers we provide in a quiet corner with a cup of coffee and a cake.

Everyone can listen to Jim’s Topical Talk, and enjoy David’s Downloadings from the world’s news sources. The range of crafts changes every month. The morning finishes at 12 noon, unless you have to leave earlier, and there is no charge. The next SQUEEZE Breakfast Clubs are on Sunday 1st February and Sunday 1st March 2009.

A Glimpse of Heaven

“It’s beautiful – so beautiful.” Doris McConnell’s last words on this earth, and taken by many to be a glimpse of Heaven before she passed over from death to Life, were imprinted boldly on her service sheet under a smiling photograph of her in a sunny spot by the water’s edge in North Wales.

Our Pastor, Jim Beveridge, likened her passing to the ‘modern parable’ of the recent aeroplane crash into the Hudson river. One of the passengers thanked the pilot for saving him and the reply was ‘you’re welcome ‘ In 1942, Doris had chosen the Lord Jesus Christ as her Pilot through life, and , as He does to all the whose who say “Thank You for all that You have done for me,” Jesus replies, “You are welcome,. Welcome to My Father’s House.”

He had certainly kept her safe though wartime perils; her home in Rye was bombed, her RAF base at Fareham was bombed, and when posted to Lea Green, South London, a Doodlebug (V1 flying bomb) fell on the shelter she was in and she was buried. Miraculously she came out with minor injuries. Meanwhile, Jim was also on the move and the two met in Gosport in 1945, where he was in the Royal Navy. Their first date was a bicycle ride to Lee-on-Solent; they were engaged in May 1947, and married in Battle on 21st February 1948. Last year they celebrated their Diamond Wedding anniversary.

Some fifty family members, friends and neighbours gathered in the Chapel on Friday 23rd January to bid farewell to Doris. The hymns reflected her Christian life and witness – How sweet the name of Jesus sounds in a believer’s ear; The Lord’s my shepherd, and Father hear the prayer we offer. Later we sang And can it be that I should gain an interest in the Saviour’s blood, died He for me who caused His pain,…?

The wind and the rain of the morning had turned to winter sunshine as we laid Doris to rest in the churchyard. May our prayers be for her husband Jim as he reflects on their sixty years spent serving the Lord together.

Accounts of the wartime experiences of both Jim and Doris are included in the book ‘Community Reminiscence Project on World War Two’ which is on sale at the Village Information Centre, Gardner Street, Herstmonceux.

Meet Our New Man

Hi, I’m Jim Beveridge and this time last year my retirement clock was ticking loudly. It struck towards the end of March and a month later, at the invitation of the Free Church, I joined the Leadership Team as part-time Pastor, following a Call to Ministry some three years beforehand at an Anglican Conference.

My wife Jenny and I live in Hastings and our four sons, three married, are all active in their local churches. We have five grandchildren to enjoy.

Before my arrival a visiting speaker had challenged the Church (which embraces all believers in the area) to bring the Heart of God into Herstmonceux. That sounds like a huge task, but we have already seen several encouraging happenings.

The first was at my Induction, when the Church was full of those who are behind us in this New Beginning. The second was at Nigel’s Believers’ Baptism (more of Nigel next month) when the Church was again full for this public acknowledgement of his Spiritual new birth.

The third was the sad occasion of the funeral of a young man who was big on the local music scene, and the church was packed with mostly young people who overflowed into the Hall, and some even outside, listening through an open window. This young man was a Christian and together we marked his passage into Eternity.

These three events highlight some of the steps along the way to a life lived with Jesus as a 24/7 companion. For many, Church is for babies, funerals and the occasional wedding. Bringing the Heart of God into Herstmonceux requires a much greater involvement in village life.

The Bible tells us to rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep. If you are rejoicing or weeping right now, or have any other matter you would like to talk about with me, I am at the Church in Chapel Row most Sunday mornings or you may contact me through the website.

I look forward to seeing you around, Jim.

January Squeeze

Squeeze Logo

It was frosty outside the Village Hall, but inside the big surprise was snow painting, using white paint on a black ground. Its appeal was obvious as an elderly gentleman sat next to a toddler, both of them enjoying the striking effect so easily produced. On another table at the January Squeeze Breakfast Club sat the calendar makers. How simple to hang a calendar block under a snow painting.

David’s haul from the internet told the story of the motorist convicted three times for driving without insurance. So he forged a certificate on his computer. Next time he was pulled over he produced the forgery, with an expiry date of 31st February!

Even non-pop lovers could not escape the Christmas double chart-topping Leonard Cohen song ‘Hallelujah’ which tells of a secret chord that pleased the Lord. Pastor Jim of the Free Church took this thought for his topical talk.. How can we please the Lord in 2009?. By drawing a line under anything in our life which may displease Him, he suggested.
We should test the things which we consider to be important with three questions: Does it help my Christian life? Will it allow me to be free? Will it build up the lives of others?

It is easy to remember the dates for the next two Squeeze meetings as they both fall on the first of the month. Sunday 1st February crafts have a Valentine theme, and breakfast is served from 10am.

Article written by Colin Porter

December Squeeze

Squeeze Logo

Notice in a Vet’s waiting room; Back in 10 minutes. Stay! Sit! Sign on a Maternity Room door: PUSH PUSH PUSH. David’s down- loadings from the Internet have always been a popular part of the Free Church Sundays at the Village Hall, and now they are included in the Squeeze Breakfast Club.

There was an exciting buzz about the first club meeting in early December. It was good to see families working together. A couple of Dads and a handful of Mums joined their children in painting on small glass pots, making Christmas cards and gift tags, and making sweets. Next month’s handicrafts are not yet decided.

A Continental breakfast is served from 10 00am. until 11.30.; fresh fruit, cereals, bread rolls and croissants, as well as fruit juices, tea and coffee.

Most of the older folk were content to sit and chat at small tables, or to read the newspapers provided. This made it easy to join in the carol singing, and to listen to David and Jim.

They worked perfectly when you put them away last year; now they don’t work at all. Yes it’s those Christmas Lights, the title of Jim’s topical talk. Whether it’s a broken wire, a loose bulb, a blown fuse, it all adds up to one thing – the power is not getting through If God’s power is not getting through to your life, give yourself the best Christmas gift this year, he urged. Say ‘Hello’ to Christ the Baby and Christ the Man.

The next Breakfast Club is on 4th January 2009, from 10am-12 noon. Everyone welcome.

Article written by Colin Porter