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Squeeze Hits the Papers

A SUNDAY morning breakfast club has been launched once a month at Herstmonceux Village Hall.

The Squeeze Breakfast Club takes place at 10am on the first Sunday of every month and is sponsored by Herstmonceux Free Church.
Parents, children, grandparents and singles are “squeezing” new life into Sunday, starting with breakfast and then moving on to a light-hearted “what the papers say” and craft session.
The January club this Sunday will include calendar making, seasonal snow painting and promise boxes. All materials are provided.

At the December get-together 45 peple attended and picked up tips on making Christmas cards, glass painting and sweet making – all to a background of carols and with mince pies as refreshments.

Pastor Jim Beveridge said, “Its as much the company and time to chat – as well as food, fun and crafts. Squeeze in the time to come – it’s easy, like Sunday morning!”

Source: Hailsham Gazette

Martin takes the High Road


Cycling from Hailsham to Edinburgh is beyond most of us, but Martin Rogers took up the challenge, and raised over £800 for the Quicken Trust in the process. Averaging over 40 miles a day, his journey took just over two weeks. He was entirely unaccompanied, staying in small bed and breakfasts, and carrying all he needed on his bike. Truly a splendid effort from a remarkable man.

If you would like to add to Martin’s sum, please speak to a member of the Oversight Team.

Comment From Pastor Jim Beveridge

Martin is a good example of an athlete with a heart for charity. He will tell you that, after only one week of not riding his cycle, his muscle tone weakens, so the next ten mile ride feels like fifty!

This is so like our faith – it needs exercising. Martin tells of staying at one bad guesthouse where his breakfast was mainly a spoonful of baked beans, before his next exhausting ride.

This is so true of our faith; it needs a balanced intake to meet our life of work, family, rest and play. Try a Psalm, a portion of Gospel, and a piece of the Book of Acts each day.

You will find a strengthened faith as you receive and encourage others, as you exercise your faith.


Jim Beveridge’s Induction

Induction Photo
Helen Ford, Pastor Jim Beveridge, John Ford and Jenny Beveridge.

Herstmonceux Free Church has a new pastor. He is Jim Beveridge, who was inducted at a packed ceremony on April 20. Jim, who retired recently as a senior officer with Hastings Borough Council, was previously a leading member of Rye Baptist Church. The induction was led by the Rev Peter Mckintosh of Crowhurst Christian Home of Healing.

More than 100 village, friends, family and visitors from Jim’s former church were present for the occasion. A mixture of modern choruses and profound hymns were sung and Jim shared the church’s path – and his journey to the induction day. The church presented him with a commemorative study bible and beautiful flowers to his wife Jenny. Afterwards food and drinks, prepared by church members, were enjoyed by all.

Jim’s wife Jenny has strong historic family links with country clergy in Sussex. She is a direct descendant of 17th and 18th century father and son parsons named Hawes – her maiden name – who served Berwick, Glynde, Selmeston, Alciston and Westham.

[This article was taken from the Eastbourne Herald, you can also view it in PDF format]