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Have you seen the colourful Stargazer Lilies in people’s gardens? With the fine weather, they are tall, multi-bloomed flowers that sway in the breeze. The lily does not struggle, it does not have a worried look, it is there to grow and be beautiful.

Jesus, in the warmth of the Holy Land noticed them. So one day, on a Mount, He said “Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow, they toil not neither do they spin.” (Matthew 6v28). He tries to show us in His flower picture how to be free. Free of what? – our cares, anxieties about how we look and how we dress. Rather we should be dressed, or covered, in His peace and rest in His light. Then your face will reflect His beauty.

Graham Kendrick, the songwriter, wrote of Jesus ‘Having hands that flung stars in space’. How was that possible? Because Jesus was there at Creation. The lilies in our gardens at night can gaze at the stars. The Stargazer Lily blooms can glisten in the starlight and reflect the moonlight. Jesus says of this simple lily that even Solomon in all his glory was not adorned like one of them.

So, today do not strive to be a follower of fashion, rest with Jesus and gaze at the maker of heaven and earth. You may not be the only Stargazer in your garden – “Consider the lilies of the field…”

Pastor Jim Beveridge



September Squeeze had a theme of giving our worries to God because He cares for us. There was opportunity to make origami lilies and fan water lilies in keeping with Jim’s talk. Also, flowers that when placed on water opened up their petals to symbolise us opening up and giving our worries to God. Everyone got involved with the ‘hunt the cuddly toys, draw them and rearrange words to find a text’, sounds complicated but was great fun so expect to see another version soon.



The next Squeeze will be on Sunday 6th October from 10.00am at the village hall and all are warmly invited to this free of charge event. The theme will be “His banner over me is love”, do join us if you can.

Joint Ventures

It is good to join with others and do things together. Here at Herstmonceux Free Church we enjoy getting together with the Parish Churches of Herstmonceux and Wartling. When there is a fifth Sunday in the month, we join for a united service. Our last such meeting was at the end of June at the Free Church when we all enjoyed a barbeque provided and expertly cooked by Raymond James. About 30 of us feasted enthusiastically on farm shop sausages and burgers before others joined us for the united service.

Pastor Jim Beveridge gave us ‘food for thought’ as he pointed out different aspects of feasting in the bible. Proverbs tells us that a happy heart has a continual feast (Prov. 15v15), but also that a dry crust with peace and quiet is better than a house full of feasting with strife (Prov.17v1). Jesus is able to take our strife and problems and give us peace as we feast. He is able to refresh our dryness. On one occasion, following his death and resurrection, Jesus prepared a barbeque of fish and bread for his disciples, where not only was there a feast but also restoration for Peter (see John chapter 21).

Jim finished by inviting us to place our order from Jesus’ menu.


Another opportunity to get together has been the holiday club this week. Children and adults alike have greatly enjoyed Clyde the camel guiding us through the life of Moses from baby to the parting of the Red Sea. Over the three days, Clyde has discovered that God is both a God of Love and a God of Power and is to be relied upon. We have all had great fun playing games, making things and discovering new treasures each day in our treasure boxes. Thanks to all the children and leaders for making holiday club such fun!


This month Squeeze falls on Sunday 1st September, so why not start the month having breakfast with us at the village hall from 10 am onwards. Our theme is based on the verse in 1 Peter 5v7 “Give all your worries and cares to God, for He cares about what happens to you”. Come and have a relaxed morning joining in with crafts or chatting with friends as you choose. We look forward to welcoming you.


Finally, I would like to highlight the next Alpha course at Scolfes’ Restaurant, Boreham Street, which begins on Wednesday 25th September at 7 pm. If you have questions or curiosity about Jesus and the Christian faith come along and enjoy a light meal and discussion in welcoming surroundings. Thanks to Jim and Kitty Bond for once again making this venue available and providing the hospitality. Any enquiries please contact Richard Steven or me Sylvia Catt.

The Lord is My Rock, My Fortress, My Place of Safety

We might be familiar with the phrase “he’s my rock”, which means I know I can lean on him, and build my life on him. Can any of us really imagine what it would be like to own a fortress? But we can all relate to the idea of having, and needing, a place of safety.

It might be home for you. After a long day where anything can happen, you get home, where everything is familiar, and you can have some peace and quiet. Or maybe, watching a scary film, or hearing a noise, you throw the duvet over your head.

Whatever a safe place looks like for you, we all know we need at least one, because sometimes life can be hard. But what if you could carry a safe place with you, wherever you go, so you’d have it whenever you needed it? That’d be pretty cool eh? Imagine driving around in a tank – safe, and fairly portable? Or maybe some clever James Bond kind of gadget that you could carry in your pocket, to create a pod, or force field to protect you..

What does this verse from Psalm 18 say is a place of safety? Not a place, or a thing, but the Lord himself, he is the place of safety. And the wonderful thing about God is that he actually is everywhere. Meaning that we do have a place of safety everywhere we go.

We don’t always realise God is here. In the Bible (Genesis ch28) when Jacob realises that God is with him he says: “This is none other than the house of God, and this is the gate of heaven.”

God is everywhere, which is pretty comforting, but what is even cooler is that if we have asked Jesus into our hearts then we become the gate of heaven, we are the house of God, because he lives in us.

It’s no longer about running and hiding, because you carry the Almighty with you, within you, and he’s your rock.

I recommend it.

Elizabeth Ford


Activities at the June Squeeze Breakfast reinforced the theme from Psalm 18. An enormous fortress on a rock for those who enjoy colouring, large and small shields to decorate with your own coat of arms, and the final game. In pairs and carrying the shields, at the throw of a giant dice, we moved across the Hall on the back of scrap wall-paper divided into 36 squares.


Obstacles and rewards helped and hindered our progress to the cardboard tower which only represented safety – hence the cries of “Don’t move the chairs, they are holding up the walls.” Great fun!

Next Squeeze Breakfast: Sunday 7th July from 10am, Village Hall


Winter Weather Wisdom

People get fed up with the weather; prolonged cold into Spring, snow, bitter winds and lack of sun. So what wisdom can you bring to this weather? A famous Russian writer said this, “People don’t notice whether it’s Winter or Summer – when they are happy.”

Perhaps on walks in the snow you might think, “In every walk with nature, one receives far more than you seek.” John Muir did. Another approach, taken by Oprah Winfrey, the American tv presenter – “Turn your wounds into wisdom.” It is clear that the application of wisdom dissolves problems and challenges.

But is Human Wisdom enough? Does the clever person provide the enduring answer? Or do we really need a power of wisdom beyond Human Wisdom? It is true that, as Proverbs says, “A person’s words can be life-giving water; words of true wisdom are as refreshing as a bubbling brook.”

However, there are differences between human wisdom and Godly Wisdom. St. Paul states that worldly wisdom thinks the claims of Jesus Christ to be foolishness. However, to those who are saved by Christ, the same words represent the Wisdom of God. (1 Cor.17, v31).

Again, Scripture simply states, “Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men.” And “But God has chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise,” and “ God has chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things that are mighty.”

Human wisdom or God’s Wisdom?

The choice is your’s. But choose wisely! That is one thing you cannot do about the weather! Pastor Jim Beveridge

WORDS OF WISDOM ARE AS REFRESHING AS A BUBBLING BROOK says Proverbs18 v4, and the theme of the April Squeeze. The activity which drew the most response was to paint a bubbling stream from a choice of pages embellished with the text.


Strangely, the chocolate fountain was of little interest, so the adults on safety-watch ate the marshmallows.


SQUEEZE BREAKFAST happens on the first Sunday in each month, at the village hall, and all ages are warmly welcomed. A simple meal of cereals, fresh fruit and drinks is provided free of charge, from 10.00am until 12.00. Come when you can and leave when you must.

Next Squeeze Breakfast: Sunday 5th May


BEACHY HEAD CHAPLAINCY gave us an update on their work recently, which can be heard on our website with other messages.



Yeast For A Feast

Have you noticed how small things can make a big difference? A small amount of mustard in a sandwich explodes in your mouth with heat and intensity. It is said that the small amount left on the plate made the makers rich – or, as the Americans say – a lot of dough.

Another form of dough is made into bread. Picture a large mound of flour and water, mixed well. But to make large loaves it needs a small thing called yeast. No yeast – no feast.

Jesus wanted his people, his disciples, to make a big difference. But he knew that what appeared small could affect his Kingdom plans. Apparently small defects could affect big savings plans.

Spent or bad yeast makes inedible bread. So in us, small or so-called little sins cause bad feelings, guilt and hamper Jesus’ plans for us.

The Jews at Passover or the Festival of Unleavened Bread, used to clean their houses of all yeast or bread products. Why? Because yeast represented sin and they wanted to be Passover clean. Do we need to carry out a Spring clean? Not of our houses but of ourselves, to throw out the “small things” that mess up our lives. Please do not worry as Jesus takes our bad yeast away

That could make a very big difference to your life, your plans and your worth. Now that’s an idea to feast on!! Pastor Jim Beveridge


February’s Squeeze included a demonstration of yeast at work, heart-shaped bread-making, hearts in salt dough for painting the following week, and Valentine Cards.


Street Pastors: Maggie, Bernice, Liz & Matt with Pastor Jim Beveridge and Eastbourne Street Pastors Co-Ordinator Ali Stevens in front.
Street Pastors: Maggie, Bernice, Liz & Matt with Pastor Jim Beveridge and Eastbourne Street Pastors Co-Ordinator Ali Stevens in front.

On a recent Sunday morning we commissioned one of our members to be a Street Pastor. Others from the Eastbourne team were there to support Elizabeth Ford at the end of her training with the police, in first aid, drink and drug awareness, and in familiarity with the local area. “That is where the Church should be,” she says. “Out on the street where the people are and where the need is.”
Eastbourne Street Pastors was set up in Spring 2010 and now goes out every Friday and Saturday evening until perhaps 3am or later. There are currently almost 40 active street pastors in the town who are supported by a team of prayer -pastors back at the base.

Next Squeeze Breakfast Club on Sunday 3rd March from 10.00am until noon in the Village Hall All ages are warmly welcomed, a simple breakfast is provided, and there is no charge