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Everything I Have Is Yours


We always have a Topical Talk at Squeeze Breakfast Club. It needs to be provided – otherwise it would be a silent talk with no content, no words, no thoughts or points to be made. What goes into the talk needs some provision of ideas, images and content to be relevant. Jesus used Parables to make a simple story show profound truths.

Mankind cannot have Provisions without a Provider. The super-markets have to provide goods on their shelves and use heavy lorries for daily replenishment. If they do not arrive – empty shelves, no provision. The supply appears endless but in reality it is limited.

Jesus says “Everything I have is yours.” And Jesus’s everything is everything. Everything that truly matters. His loving provision has no limit. His supply does not dry up. So often we forget to ask – He likes to be asked. That ‘asking’ we call prayer, and the answer is only a prayer away.

How often in life we say “I forgot to ask – Sorry.” How much more do we forget to pray. Who to? To the Creator and Provider of all we have – Jesus. Can you try to hear His voice this New Year?

Son, Daughter, everything I have — is yours.” Pastor Jim Beveridge



The major activity at the January Squeeze Breakfast Club was to wrap ordinary cardboard boxes with coloured paper to make them very bright and welcoming and however a surprise gift box should look. Then into those transformed containers were packed tins of food, such as a variety of vegetables, meat and fish, baked beans with or without those little sausages, and packets of long-lasting dry items such as rice, pasta and even a few Pot Noodles.


These were destined for the Matthew 25 Mission in Eastbourne where they would be distributed to local families hard-hit by the current economic situation. In Matthew’s Gospel, towards the end of chapter 25, God commends those who had given food and drink to the hungry and thirsty as if they had given these things to Himself.


The younger ones concentrated on decorating biscuits with tiny dots of coloured icing, and there were other handicrafts available.


These events on the first Sunday in each month are intended for all ages, people on their own or whole families, and they take place in the Herstmonceux village hall, between 10.00am and 12.00. A simple breakfast is provided, materials for a variety of handicrafts, and the Sunday papers. Come when you can and leave when you must.