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Ford Every Stream

It seemed so simple at the time; just drive to the neighbouring town for a New Year’s Day family meal. But it had rained, and that rain was followed by more rain. Then more rain was added in brutal, unrelenting deluges. The streams turned to wide lakes across the fields and the roads we drove on. The depths and valleys filled and filled and the waters rose; stretches at first to 300mm deep, then to 600 mm, then deepening to 900mm. The car, in low gear, ploughed up to its axles, and becoming more and more laboured to stalling point, cut through the flood. To add to the problems, the spray and backwash blocked the driver’s view, blinding them.

But the paved and straight course to the drier road overcame, and isn’t life also like that? The problems mount and we seem to get in deep water. We can stop and sink, stranded and marooned by our circumstances.

As Christians we cannot ford every stream in our own strength, but the power of the Holy Spirit will take us through. When we are blinded, he will be clear sighted. When we sink, he rescues. As troubles come, he comforts. How? Often through others. Others in deed and word. Others sharing everything they had. Sharing their problems. Fording the streams together. It worked in the Book of Acts in the Bible. It will work for you now!

PS, one last thing to share: a happy New Year to you all.