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Whose Flag Do You Sail Under?

A flag can signal or indicate a number of things. A country’s flag, a white flag of surrender or a flag of convenience, used on ships where registration is under a country other than the owner’s country. It can be used as a courtesy, as a ship sails into a foreign port, it will often raise the flag of that country as a mark of respect. We put flags at half-mast when sad events happen, or the Royal Pennant is flown over the House the Queen occupies.

Now the Bible in Song of Songs (Ch 2 v 4) talks of a different flag, a banner, not just a piece of material but ‘His banner over me is love’. Alternatively, Jesus’ banner, or covering, over me (and you) is love.

So, in Song of Songs we get the Flag of Flags! The picture given is of a banquet in a delightful shade and we can imagine the banner on the wall behind the table not only says love but is love in action. In that place we can feel the love of God in His goodness and grace for us.

But there are other flags such as a pirate ship would show, the skull and crossbones. The ship of death flying the flag of destruction. These ships carry the cargo of materialism, selfishness, evil and world values on a voyage to the rocks of ruin. They sail close to the wind, the ship of chance but never reaching a good port. If we are not careful we can be part of that overloaded ship, the ship that will turn turtle on our lives and cast us to a watery end.

The flag of the skull and crossbones or the banner of Jesus’ love. What would you put on the Jesus flag that you design to signify Him? Then when you have finished your design would you be happy to sail your life under that flag?

Whose flag do you sail under now?

Pastor Jim Beveridge


As the Song of Songs verse ‘His banner over me is love’ was our theme for October it was fitting that we had Yvonne Taylor join us for the morning. Yvonne is a banner worship leader at Crowhurst Home of Healing and she spent time showing us how to make banners that we could use in our worship time. Some of our youngsters made musical tubes and tambourines using bells and streamers. We were also encouraged to write our praises to God on a praise bunting to be displayed in church. It was lovely to have Yvonne demonstrate worship dance using the banners and there was even opportunity, for those brave enough, to try worship dance for ourselves.

We always have fun, so do join us for our next Squeeze on Sunday 3rd November from 10.00am at Herstmonceux Village Hall where, at no cost, both breakfast and treasure waits to be found!