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It’s all change at the Village Hall on the first Sunday morning of each month. After about 100 “Sunday Supplements” spanning the almost nine years that the Hall has been open, the Free Church has broadened the programme to appeal to all ages. From the first Sunday in December 2008, the entire family – parents, children, grandparents and those with no family, are invited to

“Squeeze new life into Sunday.”

Starting at 10 am. with breakfast (of course), the SQUEEZE Breakfast Club will include several crafts. Grandad can show the kids how steady his hand is at painting on glass,(December) and Dad can show them how he used to make his own Valentine card. (February). Or maybe the children will be making sweets, while Mum reads the Sunday papers we provide in a quiet corner with a cup of coffee and a cake.

Everyone can listen to Jim’s Topical Talk, and enjoy David’s Downloadings from the world’s news sources. The range of crafts changes every month. The morning finishes at 12 noon, unless you have to leave earlier, and there is no charge. The next SQUEEZE Breakfast Clubs are on Sunday 1st February and Sunday 1st March 2009.