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Helen Shapiro


Helen Shapiro Gospel Outreach

Helen Shapiro, whose singles ‘Don’t Treat Me Like a Child’, ‘You Don’t Know’, ‘Walking Back To Happiness’ and Tell Me What He Said’ sent her soaring to international stardom at the tender age of fourteen, has been going strong ever since 1961!

Helen is a highly respected jazz singer. She performed with the likes of Humphrey Lyttelton and his band from 1983 to 2001, and also with the BBC Big Band. Helen has also been in demand as a panto principal boy and appeared in many stage musicals. In May 1995 she was the ‘gob-smacked’ subject of ‘This Is Your Life’ on BBC TV.

In August 1987 Helen became a committed believer in Jesus. Several months of searching the Messianic prophecies in the Old Testament, and seeing their fulfilment in the New Testament, culminated in her being opened to the truth of Jesus as Saviour of the world and the promised Messiah of her own Jewish people.

In 1989 Helen held the first of many Gospel Evenings to coincide with the release of her first gospel album ‘The Pearl’. This album, along with her second gospel album ‘Kadosh’ (Holy) proved to be a very big seller. At these ‘Gospel Outreaches’ as they are now called, Helen presents her challenging story. She begins by singing a selection of worship songs for approximately 15 minutes, aided by live accompaniment. She then follows on to tell about how she came to faith in Jesus. This time of testimony is interspersed with songs (including the ever-popular ‘Walking Back to Happiness’) sung to backing tracks. She concludes the evening with a powerful, personal Gospel challenge

In 1993, Helen’s autobiography entitled ‘Walking Back To Happiness’ (what else!) was published by Harper Collins and Helen has held outreaches in the USA, South Africa, Spain, Holland and Russia,. Her 1995 Gospel album entitled ‘Nothing But The Best’ includes a duet with Cliff Richard and her fourth Gospel album, entitled ‘Enter Into His Gates’ was also a big seller. Most of the tracks from all four Gospel albums have now been put on a double CD entitled ‘The Gospel Collection’. Helen’s newest Gospel album (released in 2010) is called ‘What Wondrous Love Is This’ and is Helen’s first Gospel release in 12 years!

Helen now devotes herself solely to her Gospel outreaches having come out of show business at the end of 2002, after 42 years of touring.

Helen will be hosting a Gospel Outreach at The Reid Hall, Boreham Street on Saturday the 11th of May starting at 7:30pm.

February Squeeze

Squeeze Poster

Everyone is welcome on Sunday February 3rd for Squeeze Breakfast Club at Herstmonceux Village Hall, an informal gathering from 10am with free breakfast, crafts, newspapers and socialising.

Youth Alpha Launch Tonight!

The Youth Alpha Launch was postponed due to snow and will now be happening tonight at Herstmonceux Free Church Youth Club. It’s on from half past 7 until 9 and is open to anyone aged 11-14 who might be interested in coming on the Youth Alpha course which starts this Sunday evening.

Everything I Have Is Yours


We always have a Topical Talk at Squeeze Breakfast Club. It needs to be provided – otherwise it would be a silent talk with no content, no words, no thoughts or points to be made. What goes into the talk needs some provision of ideas, images and content to be relevant. Jesus used Parables to make a simple story show profound truths.

Mankind cannot have Provisions without a Provider. The super-markets have to provide goods on their shelves and use heavy lorries for daily replenishment. If they do not arrive – empty shelves, no provision. The supply appears endless but in reality it is limited.

Jesus says “Everything I have is yours.” And Jesus’s everything is everything. Everything that truly matters. His loving provision has no limit. His supply does not dry up. So often we forget to ask – He likes to be asked. That ‘asking’ we call prayer, and the answer is only a prayer away.

How often in life we say “I forgot to ask – Sorry.” How much more do we forget to pray. Who to? To the Creator and Provider of all we have – Jesus. Can you try to hear His voice this New Year?

Son, Daughter, everything I have — is yours.” Pastor Jim Beveridge



The major activity at the January Squeeze Breakfast Club was to wrap ordinary cardboard boxes with coloured paper to make them very bright and welcoming and however a surprise gift box should look. Then into those transformed containers were packed tins of food, such as a variety of vegetables, meat and fish, baked beans with or without those little sausages, and packets of long-lasting dry items such as rice, pasta and even a few Pot Noodles.


These were destined for the Matthew 25 Mission in Eastbourne where they would be distributed to local families hard-hit by the current economic situation. In Matthew’s Gospel, towards the end of chapter 25, God commends those who had given food and drink to the hungry and thirsty as if they had given these things to Himself.


The younger ones concentrated on decorating biscuits with tiny dots of coloured icing, and there were other handicrafts available.


These events on the first Sunday in each month are intended for all ages, people on their own or whole families, and they take place in the Herstmonceux village hall, between 10.00am and 12.00. A simple breakfast is provided, materials for a variety of handicrafts, and the Sunday papers. Come when you can and leave when you must.